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Woodweave Blinds

At Castlecomer Blinds Factory we manufacture and install woodweave blinds which are designed using thin slices of wooden material woven together to form a mat. Cord locks are installed either side of the blinds to control them. We have found these to be a popular choice amongst our customers for many reasons:

Woodweave Blinds


Thanks to the way in which they are designed, woodweave blinds can help to regulate the temperature of a room.
Woodweave blinds allow soft light to permeate into a room, creating a warm atmosphere.
Our woodweave blinds are made using natural and renewable materials, making them eco-friendly.
As woodweave blinds feature the natural colour of the wood they are made with, no two are the same. This means each blind features a unique, individual look.
Our woodweave blinds are easy to maintain and only require some lighting dusting/vacuuming about once a week.
Woodweave blinds can be rolled up partially or completely allowing you to dictate just how much light to let in your room. It is ideally used for covering large glass windows in living rooms and conservatories.

For more information on our range of woodweave blinds, get in contact with us or visit us in store.

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