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Roller Blinds

Castlecomer Blinds Factory offers an extensive selection of roller blinds available in sheer, blackout, plain, printed and woven fabrics. As skilled manufacturers, we can provide made-to-measure rollers blinds in design and colours which match your specific tastes and décor.

Roller blinds are an ideal solution for any home as they offer functional benefits where privacy, moisture or too much light is an issue. Our roller blinds are available with spring, chain mechanism or remote controlled motorisation.

More than 1250 fabric choices
A wide selection of blackout options
Sheer fabrics available, the perfect alternative to nets
55% of fabrics are matched in the verticals collection
Roller Blinds


New braided ball pull in three colours

We sell a large variety of options for this type of blind, including:

Reverse fabric on old blinds (same day service)
Print logos onto the fabric
Braiding, lacing and stiffened scallops
See-through "portholes" that allow a view ou
Rollease (TM) extra-smooth movement
Recover with new fabric on old blinds (same day service)
Fabrics with complete daytime privacy while still being able to see outside
Contra-rolling where the pole is turned round so the fabric comes off the front of the pole instead of the back
Side-channels to keep out light at the sides

For more information on our range of roller blinds, get in contact with us or visit us in store.

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