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Blackout Blinds

Castlecomer Blinds Factory manufactures and installs high-quality blackout blinds, with options suitable for all types of commercial premises. Our blackout blind solutions are easy to operate and can be installed on all types of windows (skylights, doors, etc.). As with all of our blinds, blackout blinds are available in a variety of fabrics, designs and colours with the option to tailor the blinds to match your tastes and existing décor. For larger office spaces, we can install blackout blinds with a greater width and length which come with either spring, chain, gear or motorised operation.

As standard, all of our fabrics are flame retardant and we also have dust repellent, moisture repellent and solar reflective materials available.

We install blackout blinds for customers in the following industries:

Hotels, Bars & Restaurants
Councils & Local Authorities
Public Buildings
Shops & Retail
Hospitals & Care Homes
Schools & Universities
And More

Motorised blinds by Castlecomer Blinds Factory deliver the latest in cutting-edge technology and stylish design which can be tailored to match your existing décor.

For more information on our range of blackout blinds, get in contact with us or visit us in store.

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