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Child Safety Blinds

The cords and chains used to control window blinds can pose a serious threat to children, a fact which many people take for granted. Castlecomer Blinds Factory supplies and fits blinds which have been created specifically with child safety in mind, minimising the risks posed by these looped cords.

At Castlecomer Blinds Factory we fully understand that the safety is children is paramount, which is why all of our blinds are subject to stringent quality checks to ensure they are up to all relevant health and safety standards. In addition, all of our blinds have been created in line with the European EN 13120 standard.

For more information on our child safety blinds, or for advice on how to better protect your children from the risks window blinds can cause, please get in contact with us.

All blinds provided by Castlecomer Blinds Factory feature child safety mechanisms. Contact us for more information.

Child Safety Blind Features

Blinds cords are a minimum height of 1.5m (60”) from the ground
Cleat installed to hold under tension (i.e. it is held taut with a cleat at the bottom – not hanging loose)
Easy break mechanism (can be re-attached)

In addition, we also recommend that customers move all beds, cots and other furniture away from their window blinds and do not tie any cords together.

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