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Cassette Blinds

Cassette blinds by Castlecomer Blinds Factory combine a sleek, modern design with the convenience of traditional roller blinds. Cassette blinds feature a slimline, aluminium profile which makes them ideal for large expanses of glass (e.g. office windows, conservatories, etc.). Our cassette blinds are available in a huge variety of colour and designs, including wood and PVC colours, with options to match all types of interiors.

Blinds Factory offers a range of cassette blinds to suit any professional environment.

At, we work across both the private and public sectors. We provide many Government Departments, schools, colleges and hospitals with a wide range of blinds. As well, we are very active in the private sector - we supply and install blinds for some of the most prestigious companies across Ireland.

With, you will be assured of having the optimal window solution combined with the service that a commercial enterprise requires.

For more information on our range of cassette blinds, get in contact with us or visit us in store.

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