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PPE Clear Roller Screens

Castlecomer Blinds Factory provides clients with PPS Clear Roller Screens. PPE Clear Roller Screens are a convenient and manoeuvrable alternative to Plexiglas screens. 

Our clear protective screens offer enhanced portability within a premise and don't sacrificing any of the protection. Suitable for use in just about any business establishment where the general public is present, PPS Clear Roller Screens are a convenient, efficient  and cost effective screen solution. 

As they are designed to neatly fold away, PPS Clear Roller Screens are a minimally invasive alternative to the more rigid Plexiglas. 

What’s more, they are much easier to clean than plexiglass, cutting down on maintenance time; while still guaranteeing the same level of protection.

For additional information on the advantage of PPE Clear Roller Screens, get in contact with Castlecomer Blinds Factory today.

Advantages of PPE Clear Roller Screens

Our clear protective roller screens offer a range of advantages including:

Mush more flexible when compared to Plexiglas
Their manoeuvrability makes them minimally invasive when compared to other clear barrier alternatives
Clear Roller Screens can be motorised which further cuts down on the need for direct contact
Extremely easy to clean and to disinfect
Can be installed quickly and effectively
Compliant with HSE recommendations and guidelines
Lightweight and fully foldable

For additional information on the advantages of PPE Clear Roller Screens, get in contact with Castlecomer Blinds Factory today.

PPE Clear Roller Screens are suitable for:

Any business that has a counter
Coffee Shops

PPE Clear Roller Screens FAQ

I need a PPE Clear Roller Screen installation service near me. What is your catchment area?

We provide PPE Clear Roller screens and clear protective screen installation services to clients in Carlow, Kilkenny, Laois, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford.

How much does it cost to have PPE Clear Roller Screens Installed?

Our bespoke pricing model is based on the size of the premise, the amount of screen required and if the clear protective screens are motorised. Our customised quotes ensure that customers only pay for the screens they need and we strive to remain extremely competitive.

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